Due to performance issues internal Akka.NET messaging system has a limitation on message size. Sometimes you need to pass a huge amount of data (although this should be strongly avoided). This lib provides additional functionality to pass a huge amount of data between cluster nodes.

In order to use this, you will need the KlusterKite.LargeObjects.Client to receive huge messages and KlusterKite.LargeObjects to send and receive them.

In order to send huge method the Parcel should be formed and passed to ParcelManager like this:

Context.GetParcelManager().Tell(new Parcel { Payload = hugeMessage, Recipient = recepient }, sender);


Optional StoreTimeout property of Parcel can be specified to handle the delivery problems. The parcel is stored locally until it will be received or timeout occurred.

The receiver will get the ParcelNotification message. The end-message type can be checked via PayloadTypeName property and/or GetPayloadType() method. The parcel payload then can be accessed with async Receive method of the notification.