KlusterKite  0.0.0
A framework to create scalable and redundant services based on awesome Akka.Net project.
KlusterKite.NodeManager.MigrationActor Class Reference

The actor responsible for non-code cluster migrations and updates More...

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class  Data
 The current data More...

Public Types

enum  EnState { EnState.Idle, EnState.Migration, EnState.InitializationFailed }
 The state of migration More...

Public Member Functions

 MigrationActor (UniversalContextFactory contextFactory, IPackageRepository nugetRepository)
 Initializes a new instance of the MigrationActor class. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static IEnumerable< MigratorTemplateMigrationStateCreateMigrationState (IReadOnlyCollection< MigratorTemplateConfigurationState > sourceMigratorTemplateStates, IReadOnlyCollection< MigratorTemplateConfigurationState > destinationMigratorTemplateStates)
 Creates migration state from configuration states More...

Protected Member Functions

override void PreStart ()


virtual IActorRef Parent [get]
 Gets the parent actor to notify of action complete More...

Detailed Description

The actor responsible for non-code cluster migrations and updates

Definition at line 42 of file MigrationActor.cs.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EnState

The state of migration


There is no migration in process


There is migration in process


The state checked failed

Definition at line 100 of file MigrationActor.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MigrationActor()

KlusterKite.NodeManager.MigrationActor.MigrationActor ( UniversalContextFactory  contextFactory,
IPackageRepository  nugetRepository 

Initializes a new instance of the MigrationActor class.

contextFactoryThe context Factory.
nugetRepositoryThe nuget Repository.

Definition at line 84 of file MigrationActor.cs.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateMigrationState()

static IEnumerable<MigratorTemplateMigrationState> KlusterKite.NodeManager.MigrationActor.CreateMigrationState ( IReadOnlyCollection< MigratorTemplateConfigurationState sourceMigratorTemplateStates,
IReadOnlyCollection< MigratorTemplateConfigurationState destinationMigratorTemplateStates 

Creates migration state from configuration states

sourceMigratorTemplateStatesThe resource state according to source configuration
destinationMigratorTemplateStatesThe resource state according to destination configuration
The overall resource migration state

Definition at line 129 of file MigrationActor.cs.

◆ PreStart()

override void KlusterKite.NodeManager.MigrationActor.PreStart ( )

Definition at line 175 of file MigrationActor.cs.

Property Documentation

◆ Parent

virtual IActorRef KlusterKite.NodeManager.MigrationActor.Parent

Gets the parent actor to notify of action complete

Definition at line 121 of file MigrationActor.cs.

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