KlusterKite  0.0.0
A framework to create scalable and redundant services based on awesome Akka.Net project.
KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket Class Reference

The authenticated user session More...

Public Member Functions

 AccessTicket ([CanBeNull] IUser user, [CanBeNull] IEnumerable< string > userScope, [NotNull] string clientId, [NotNull] string clientType, [NotNull] IEnumerable< string > clientScope, DateTimeOffset created, DateTimeOffset? expiring, object extraData)
 Initializes a new instance of the AccessTicket class. More...


IUser User [get]
 Gets the user identity More...
IReadOnlyList< string > UserScope [get]
 Gets the user's authorized actions scope More...
string ClientId [get]
 Gets the client id More...
string ClientType [get]
 Gets the client type More...
IReadOnlyList< string > ClientScope [get]
 Gets the client's authorized actions scope More...
DateTimeOffset Created [get]
 Gets the session created time More...
DateTimeOffset Expiring [get]
 Gets the session expiring time More...
object ExtraData [get]
 Gets some extra data from client More...

Detailed Description

The authenticated user session

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AccessTicket()

KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.AccessTicket ( [CanBeNull] IUser  user,
[CanBeNull] IEnumerable< string >  userScope,
[NotNull] string  clientId,
[NotNull] string  clientType,
[NotNull] IEnumerable< string >  clientScope,
DateTimeOffset  created,
DateTimeOffset?  expiring,
object  extraData 

Initializes a new instance of the AccessTicket class.

userThe user.
userScopeThe user scope.
clientIdThe client id.
clientTypeThe client type.
clientScopeThe client scope.
createdThe created time.
expiringThe expiring time.
extraDataThe extra data.

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Property Documentation

◆ ClientId

string KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.ClientId

Gets the client id

Definition at line 89 of file AccessTicket.cs.

◆ ClientScope

IReadOnlyList<string> KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.ClientScope

Gets the client's authorized actions scope

Definition at line 103 of file AccessTicket.cs.

◆ ClientType

string KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.ClientType

Gets the client type

Definition at line 96 of file AccessTicket.cs.

◆ Created

DateTimeOffset KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.Created

Gets the session created time

Definition at line 108 of file AccessTicket.cs.

◆ Expiring

DateTimeOffset KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.Expiring

Gets the session expiring time

Definition at line 113 of file AccessTicket.cs.

◆ ExtraData

object KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.ExtraData

Gets some extra data from client

Definition at line 119 of file AccessTicket.cs.

◆ User

IUser KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.User

Gets the user identity

Definition at line 75 of file AccessTicket.cs.

◆ UserScope

IReadOnlyList<string> KlusterKite.Security.Attributes.AccessTicket.UserScope

Gets the user's authorized actions scope

Definition at line 82 of file AccessTicket.cs.

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